Marvel Legends Okoye BAF Review

Okoye Review time! Let’s start by asking you a question. How did you feel about the Mantis BAF from the GOTG wave? Did you feel ripped off because you didn’t get a behemoth of a figure to build, or were you happy that you had a unique figure that you probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise?

If you felt ripped off, then this will be more of the same for you. You can keep reading or click on another article to entertain you.

If you’re like me and fell into the latter camp, high-five!

As always, a little back story based on what I know of her character from the comics as I have not seen the movie yet (this will most likely be echoed across all four figures as I review them)(I saw it last night, amazing). I may circle back to the articles and update them, or just write-up a review of the movie once I see it. Okoye, like Nakia, is a member of the Dora Milaje. Unlike Nakia, accepted early on that T’Challa would never love her in that fashion, but stood by her King, even as he suffered a brain aneurysm and went into hiding. For more details, clicky here.

What’s in the box?

Nothing. There is no box. She’s a BAF, son. Why you playin’? Okoye was completed by obtaining the individual pieces as well as the spear that came with Nakia.

What doesn’t work with Okoye?

After looking at the beautiful Danai Gurira for the last few years, I feel like they did something weird with her irises. Up close it looks like a reptile of some sort. Here, see if I am imaging this or not.

What works with Okoye?

We get diaphragm articulation! We get feetsies articulation! We get great head articulation! It really is a solid representation of Okoye. The detail they put into these MCU costumes is nothing short of amazing for a mass produced figure. Here’s the back of her tunic so you can see what I mean.

Should you buy Okoye?

Like I said at the start, it comes down to whether or not this is an acceptable Build a Figure for YOU. I can’t, in good conscience, tell you to go out and pick up an entire wave for something you may not like. I was going to get the wave regardless, but I am glad to have this important character from the Black Panther lore in my collection. If you’re looking to get the entire wave in one swoop, here you go.

Check back for Killmonger tomorrow!

Okoye action shot