Marvel Legends Erik Killmonger Review

Erik Killmonger

In the comics, Erik Killmonger’s real name is N’Jadaka. I suspect it will be the same in the movie. I like to think he changed it to “Killmonger” because Kid Rock had already taken “American Badass.” In the comics, Erik seems to suffer from what a clinical psychiatrist would call “oppositional defiant disorder” but everyone else in the world calls it “just being an asshole.” His dad threw in with Klaw.

Bold move, Cotton.

Especially in Wakanda, where the Royal Family routinely inserts feet into the backsides of people with oppositional defiant disorder. His family was exiled, he learned to hate both T’Challa AND Klaw and oh yeah, he got a Ph.D. in Engineering and an MBA at M.I.T. If you want to know more about the man with the consistently worst plans, click here. We’ve already looked at Nakia and Okoye, so let’s continue Black Panther week and ask…

What’s in the Marvel Legends Erik Killmonger box?

The ‘window” on the front of the package for Erik Killmonger shows off the figure, two weapons. He comes with two sets of hands and a leg for the BAF, Okoye. No real surprises here.

What doesn’t work with Killmonger?

The lack of an unmasked Killmonger head is a huge disservice. Especially now with their sculpts and face-printing really picking up steam. If anyone tells you they DON’T want a Michael B. Jordan face sculpt they are a liar and a communist. Treat them as such. Most pics I found of his comic character was not of him wearing a Black Panther suit. I am not a fan of the waist joint. I just think it looks unnatural. 100% of the time, I would prefer a diaphragm joint. While I appreciate the two sets of hands we did get, I really think he needs punching fists also. C’mon, are you telling me he never throws a punch?

What Works with Killmonger?

When I first saw the pictures of this figure with the rest of the wave, without any context, I thought this was an alternative Black Panther armor (is it armor? In the comics it always looked like cloth but I think T’Challa has incorporated Wakandian technology into it)(after seeing the movie last night, it WAS Black Panther armor). It wasn’t and I was once again wrong (actually I was right). Despite him not being who I thought he was, I love this Erik Killmonger figure. I like it better than T’Challa’s armor. The line work and intricate gold inlays look amazing. Like import level amazing. His articulation, aside from the waist, which is just a personal preference, is really nice. This figure is an example of form meeting function and marrying the two to give you tiny hand orgasms.

That sounded weird.

Erik Killmonger sword
Buy me… or I commence to swinging this thing at you.

Should you buy Erik Killmonger?

Yes. He just looks stellar. The closer you get to him, the better he looks, which is not the case with some top dollar figures. You can still pick him up and it looks like prices are dropping as everyone is clearing their palates for the next 3 waves Hasbro has lined up for us. Get him at the same places we all go:

Let’s go ahead and wrap up this Erik Killmonger review with some fun pics.

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