Marvel Legends Serpent Society Review

Marvel Legends Serpent Society

The Marvel Legends Serpent Society figure is going to drive me nuts. You see, I know his name is Cobra, or KING (kinda presumptuous) Cobra, depending on who you ask. However, I am writing this so prospective buyers can have some 411 before they head to the store. That means people will google Marvel Legends Serpent Society as opposed to Marvel Legends Cobra. It’s all about keywords but it’s also important that you know that I know, that you know that I know that isn’t his real name.

Here’s some more information on the Marvel Legend Serpent Society (wink-wink) but all you need to know is a guy named Klaus Voorhees let a cobra bite him so he could murder someone else (no… really) and of course, that cobra was irradiated. Like all people who interact with radiation in comics, they get superhuman abilities based upon the physiology of whatever bit them.

Why can’t anyone get bit by a radioactive Slow Lordis? Even their name makes you feel sorry for them.

“What’s that?”
“A Slow Lordis.”
“Hey, I’m sure he’s doing the best he can, c’mon now…”

Or even better, a radioactive Lorde. Cause we’ll never be royals, you stupid snake.

Anyway, Marvel Legends Serpent Society (ugh) has exceptional control over “every muscle” in his body. How does he use that control? Why, to slither like a snake and wrap around people, of course! Just like ANY mentally healthy person does.

Once I got to “can control every muscle” I blacked out from every penis joke that tried to leave my body at the same time. So many genitalia jokes. Personally, I feel like I deserve some credit for the deluge of inappropriateness I shielded you all from in this blog. If you were to ask 13 year old me what he’d use the ability to control every muscle would be used for, there is a 100% chance he would have said, “So I can place my genitalia in someone’s fruit salad.”

What’s in the Marvel Legends Serpent Society box?

Not a lot. However, how many accessories does a guy who spends his time cosplaying a snake need? You get the figure with his removable (but why would you?) snake cape, and the what is arguably the most important part of the Thanos Build-a-Figure (BAF), the left arm adorned with the Infinity Gauntlet. Technically his gauntlets are a weapon that can fire whatever the writer needs them to fire. I guess that’s included. That’s pretty much it. Here are some close-ups

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Serpent Society?

I had no expectations and Hasbro over delivered in that regard. The biggest obstacle is posing him with that cape. Doesn’t he have a throne? How would he sit in it? Exactly. His headgear/cape combo hurt his head articulation.

What works with the Marvel Legends Serpent Society?

The paint apps really look great here. My girlfriend’s favorite color scheme is purple and green, so she says it’s “pretty.” He isn’t pretty, he’s a mass murderer with a serpent fetish. He IS petty though, so close enough.

Do you want Marvel Legends Serpent Society?

If you want to complete the team of available Serpent Society members, pick him up now. If you’re soooo close to making the Thanos BAF and he’s the one you need, get him. Otherwise, hold off a little bit and see where prices trend. He’s available here:

What do you think of him?

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