Marvel Legends X23 Review (1000 Words or Less)

Marvel Legends X23

The Marvel Legends X23 figure found its way to my Meijer’s and then to my basement. It’s magic. X23, or Laura Kinney, as her mom calls her, is a character that I don’t know a lot about. She’s been around since before the House of M, maybe earlier. Yet for some reason, I’ve not read, either on purpose or on accident, a single issue that she was featured. Most of what I know about the character comes from the movie Logan.

Here’s what I know about the character: In an attempt to clone Wolverine, they created Laura. She was raised in even more isolation than Logan and as such, had a very skewed version of right and wrong, if those two esoteric concepts ever actually played a role in her decision making process at all. Then she became a hooker. I’m not even sure she had a heart of gold, which I thought was a prerequisite for hookers. If you want to know more about her character (because I am barely scratching the surface) go check out her Wiki page.

What’s in the Marvel Legends X23 box?

Like so many Marvel Legends figures we get, she has the bare minimum. There is the figure itself, with the torso section belonging to the Build A Figure from the wave, Sasquatch.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends X23?

Her limbs feel rubbery. She has no double jointed elbows (again) and I wish they’d step up their claw game. If I was more invested in the character, I’d probably hit eBay and buy some custom metal ones (or fake metal) like I did for my Marvel Legends Retro Wolverine.

What works with the Marvel Legends X23?

She looks super snazzy. Her minimalist costume (grey, black, and a splash of red for accents) is very effective here. Her face looks fierce and the paint apps are strong.

Do you want the Marvel Legends X23 figure?

I bought her because she was the only figure from that wave available in store. I already owned Paladin so I picked her up. She is a welcomed addition to my X-men shelf, but if I am being honest, she will be one of the first to get stored if I need the space. The character doesn’t resonate with me on an emotional level. That is 100% on me. If you like the character, you should pick her up. Just remember, she has all of the trappings that come with almost all female marvel legends figures.

If you want her, start here:

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