Star Wars Black Series Darth Revan Review

The reason we can own a Black Series Darth Revan figure is because in 2015, he won the Fan’s Choice Award. This cemented (in plastic) his standing as a real part of continuity among an already rabid fan base. When Disney bought Star Wars from Lucas Arts, we were told the only canon items were the movies, the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons, and the Marvel Comics. Since Darth Revan first appeared in a video game, he was on the outs. This figure is kind of like the end of the TV series Enterprise where Riker and Troi showed up, finally acknowledging it was part of continuity. I also just told you I was a fan of Enterprise. I hope that keeps you up at night.

This would usually be the part where I give you some character background. However, Revan has so much history (and so many names… he’s like the Apollo Creed of the Star Wars galaxy), you just need to go read about him. He’s a really interesting character. I can’t even tell you if he’s a Jedi or a Sith Lord. I can only say, “It’s complicated.”

What’s in the Star Wars Black Series Darth Revan box?

You get yourself one Black Series Darth Revan figure and two lightsabers. One purple, one red.

What doesn’t work with the Star Wars Black Series Darth Revan?

His hood removes 100% of any and all head articulation. He’s always looking forward. Both of my lightsabers were warped out of the box. He will also be hard for you to display if you display around eras like I do. He lived thousands of years before any other figure we own. I suppose you could do a Sith Lord display if you have a second Darth Vader.

What works with the Star Wars Black Series Darth Revan?

I’ve never seen a Black Series with so much useful wrist articulation. He also gets some decent ankle movement. He has soft goods for a tunic, and it definitely makes posing easier than it would be if it were rubber. Yet, none of those are the reasons why you would buy the Star Wars Black Series Darth Revan. The detail on this figure is amazing. When you have a character you love, and it’s obvious the sculptor loves as well, its like magic.

Should you buy the Star Wars Black Series Darth Revan?

Yes. I had to get mine off of BBTS, since no store near me ever gets any possible Black Series figure you’d want. Unless you want the two Rouge’s One figures everyone else has warming their pegs. You can try looking here:

Lightsaber time!

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