Marvel Legends Spider Punk With F-Toys 1:12 Guitar Flying V Review

This is a “2-fer.” I was at my comic shop for Free Comic Book Day when I came across the Marvel Legends Spider Punk. For only a dollar over retail. Sweet! I’m a musician myself. My main instrument is guitar and I’ve only had one toy guitar before (for MacFarlane’s Crow, but I lost it) so I was excited about this dude. I got him home before I bothered to check him. Maybe I was full of adrenaline because I found him. Yet, when I got him home, the guitar was completely warped. With a quick search, I found the F-Toys 1:12 Guitar Flying V. Now forever intertwined on my shelf. This is their story.

What’s in the F-Toys 1:12 Guitar Flying V box?

You get the F-Toys 1:12 Guitar Flying V, the strap, the stand neck, base and guitar rest.

Pics? Yup.

What doesn’t work with the F-Toys 1:12 Guitar Flying V?

From a distance, the paint on the F-Toys 1:12 Guitar Flying V is eye-catching. Up close, it looks fuzzy. As if the whole thing was printed using face printing technology. The high E string is off. Or rather the fretboard width looks like it could accommodate a 7th string. The strap is a little frustrating to work with, but I can also blame that on the Flying V body type. Which is one of the reasons I don’t own one. I’ve just never been into guitars I can sit down and play on my knee.

Finally, I just wish it was bigger. It looks like a toy in a Marvel Legend’s hands. Yet, you know who can make it work?

America, my friends.


What works with the F-Toys 1:12 Guitar Flying V?

I mean, look. It’s a toy guitar. It doesn’t have to be perfect. At the end of the day, the F-Toys 1:12 Guitar Flying V catches my eye, which is exactly what I wanted it to do.

Should you buy the F-Toys 1:12 Guitar Flying V?

It’s a vanity purchase. I want to say I paid $12. Maybe it’s a knock-off, I have no idea. They make other once, which I may pick up. Go look on eBay for them.

What’s in the Marvel Legends Spider Punk Box?

Oh, you mean this box?

You get the Marvel Legends Spider Punk figure, two alternate hands (fist and guitar fretting, along with “horns” hands and one with a guitar pick in it). You get an arm for the Lizard and finally, you get a useless, floppy rubber excuse of a guitar.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Spider Punk?

He could benefit from a neutral set of hands and a second fist. You can’t always be rockin’ out. His guitar is utter trash. C’mon, Hasbro. Let’s not pretend you won’t have figures with no accessories at all in any given line, so maybe throw some more love at your Spider characters? Lastly, and maybe this is just mine, his legs were very rubbery.

What works with the Marvel Legends Spider Punk?

He’s a cool character, and that coolness alone sells this figure. In a world where Norman Osborn is President, Spider-Punk is the face of the resistance. We first meet him in Dan Slott’s excellent Spider-Verse series. His jean vest, the back with the iron-on emblem, in particular, looks really nice. For me, his guitar and chording hands are very unique in my collection. He’s freaking Spider-Man (except, not) with a metal mohawk. If you’re a rock fan, how could you not love it? Besides, I’ve mentioned a couple times what Spider-Man means to me.

Should you get the Marvel Legends Spider Punk?

If you can get him and you enjoy Spider lore, absolutely. We will be getting more Spider-Verse figures in the future, but even on its own merits, it’s still a very unique looking figure on my shelf. Pick him up here:

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