Marvel Legends Homemade Spider-Man Suit Review

Marvel Legends Homemade Spider-Man

I am currently in the process of redoing the lighting on my display cases. As such, I’ve not been able to get to any new pictures. Fortunately, I’ve had these pics laying around since the figure dropped last summer. Sometimes letting a figure sit for a while helps to quell the new figure love fest. How does the Marvel Legends Homemade Spider-Man Suit fare? Let’s see.

What’s in the Marvel Legends Homemade Spider-Man box?

You get the figure, a swappable hood (creating a hood up or hood down look), two sets of hands and the MCU Vulture wings BAF piece.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Homemade Spider-Man?

This is a short list. First, I am not sure why we don’t get more web accessories with our Spider-Man figures. I believe the new House of M figure and Gamestop exclusive Spidey seek to stop that trend and it’s a welcomed move.

The only other gripe I can think of is it breaks one of my cardinal Spider-Man rules. You cannot have a Spider-man figure without three sets of hands, as all are detrimental to good Spider-man posing. The Marvel Legends Homemade Spider-Man comes with fist hands and thwip hands, but it lacks the wall-crawling/splayed hands. Petty? Probably, but nothing is perfect. Except for this website, which is perfect in its imperfections.

What works with the Marvel Legends Homemade Spider-Man?

Honestly, with a year in the rear-view mirror, well after the Figuarts version of this figure, I can tell you this is a great figure. It compares very favorably to the Bandai version.  The sculpt and articulation are top notch, in spite of its much lower price-point.

Should you get the Marvel Legends Homemade Spider-Man figure?

It’s been over a year since Homecoming hit theaters. We will most likely never see this costume on the big screen again, so you have to take that into consideration. I just recently sold my Figuarts Ragnarok Thor and Hulk as I made the decision that I don’t have shelf space for one-offs. However, this costume is different. What immediately drew me to it is how much it looked like Ben Reilly’s costume when he debuted in the 616 universe… waaaay back in the 90’s.

The Clone Saga. A story that left a bad taste in our mouths up to Dan Slott’s run on Spider-Man. For me, it had very little to do with Ben though, and everything to do with Peter Parker behaving in a way that he had never done before or since. Including him hitting Mary Jane.

Sometimes I think Marvel’s plan was to replace Peter just based on how they set up Ben. One of the first things Ben as the Scarlett Spider does? He does what Peter could barely do. He defeats Eddie Brock’s Venom on their second encounter, thanks to his “Impact Webbing” and stingers.

I often think if Ben had been accepted as the “real” Pete by fans, how things would have been different?

I suppose none of that matters now, it was 1993 and my face had not grown into my nose yet. It still hasn’t. Yet the echoes of that time still reverberate throughout the MCU with the Marvel Legends Homemade Spider-Man representing one of our favorite heroes in his first full foray into the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you liked the figure and haven’t picked him up yet, save yourself some money over the Figuarts and pick up this guy. You can get him here:


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