NECA Terminator Ultimate Tech Noir T-800 Review

Old pictures to the rescue again! When I saw the NECA Terminator Ultimate Tech Noir T-800 at the now-defunct Toys R’ Us, I felt it was the terminator figure I didn’t know I needed. 1:10 is only something I dabble in, but this figure looked too good to pass up when I saw it a year ago. What did I like about it? I’m glad you asked.

What’s in the NECA Terminator Ultimate Tech Noir T-800 box?

Man, this was a lot of figure for $24. Three heads, two surgical tools, three weapons (shotgun, UZI and the iconic Magnum (my guess) with the laser sight), a swappable hand and a forearm with his endoskeleton exposed to recreate the bathroom scene.

What doesn’t work with the NECA Terminator Ultimate Tech Noir T-800?

The articulation scheme is weird and frustrating. Swapping out parts, I felt like I was going to snap things off. Not having a lot of NECA figures though, this very well could just be how they feel. The scope on the pistol is warped, but nothing hot water couldn’t fix.

What works with the NECA Terminator Ultimate Tech Noir T-800?

I know people who are into the NECA properties are REALLY into them, and as such, can tell you when minute things are out of place. I am not burdened with such knowledge, even though I’ve easily seen the first Terminator film a dozen times. To me, from the way they captured the look of fabric in plastic form, down to his bedazzled back, I love this figure. While articulation is hampered, the sculpt and accessories make up for it. he’s a nice looking figure and I think a good representation of Arnie in 1984.

Should you get the NECA Terminator Ultimate Tech Noir T-800?

If you’re a fan of the franchise, yes. However, when I started this review, I didn’t realize you couldn’t get him in stores anymore. Their website shows he’s discontinued. if you’re willing to pay more on the aftermarket, you can pick him up here:

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