Mezco Iron Man Mark 42 Review

The Mezco Iron Man Mark 42 is an exemplary submittal in the high-end collectible action figure market. I suppose that gives away the end of this article, but the truth is, I rarely open up a figure that I can feel the quality of in my hand immediately. The Mezco Iron Man Mark 42 is one such figure.

I am not sure the Mark 42 is actually the Mark 42 in comics (looked it up, it’s pretty close). The black and gold is a pretty unique color scheme for a set of Iron Man armor and one I find myself being a big fan of any time I see it.

With that in mind, I suppose it was inevitable that I would be picking up this exclusive. I’ve talked endlessly about Iron Man on this website (or at least I feel as I do… look here for what turns out to be my only comic mention of the character) and I can’t imagine someone collecting action figures and not knowing who Tony Stark is, so I think we can skip the introductions. Let’s just get to the good stuff.

What is in the Mezco Iron Man Mark 42 box?

A lot. With the Mezco Iron Man Mark 42, not only do we get a very weighty, solid, metal Iron Man figure, we also get a slew of pack-ins. We get six interchangeable hands, a chest repulsor effect, repulsor blast effects, booster effects, wrist rockets, *deep breath to wrap it up* power pods (hip launchers) with blasting mini rocket effects and the standard Mezco base and flight stand. Oh, and before I forget, we get a decent (not great) Tony Stark head sculpt under the magnetic faceplate.

Finally, he has a light up chest repulsor effect that looks great. I know there are more Mez figures coming with light up features (Darkseid, Cable, Green Lantern, Cyclops) but this is the first one I’ve actually owned.

I bet you’re thinking, “Darian, isn’t this where you usually drop some lit pictures?”

Yes. You are correct.

What doesn’t work with the Mezco Iron Man Mark 42?

Shortlist… are you ready? The backplate that covers his on/off switch falls off if you don’t snap it in place good, and the magnetic faceplate was a pain to get off. It will feel like you’re going to break the figure. I am thinking maybe the faceplates were applied before the paint was finished drying? Regardless, I got mine off with no damage to the helmet or his head, but do be careful.

After futzing with him for photos, I found a couple things I wasn’t happy with. Trivial perhaps, but still annoyed me. The forward motion of his legs is very limited by the upper thigh armor. You can drop the leg some, and squeeze it under the hip. However, I had some slight paint rub after I did it, so I would not suggest it.

Also, the wrist rockets are a pain to insert and keep in the hole. Hopefully, they improve on that design. It doesn’t need a lot. There seems to be a lot of flash on the “peg” where you insert it into the arm that looks to be preventing it from getting in there good.

Finally, the elbow range of motion may as well have been a single joint. The bicep/gauntlet combo all but kills it.

I suppose one could say it’s too old school to look modern, and too modern to look old school. However, I think Mezco did a great job at creating a unique looking figure based on a mold they already owned. It’s a win for us and them. A win-win, even.

What works with the Mezco Iron Man Mark 42?

This exclusive Mezco Iron Man Mark 42 has the distinct advantage of being the first Mezco Iron Man in the hands of the public. That means this is the first time we are putting actual eyes and hands on these effects pieces. Future Mezco Iron Man figures (I have the standard on PO) may seem like “old hat” by the time they arrive, but everything on this figure looks really fresh.

The joints are smooth. This is a heavy, quality figure. The paint apps are crisp, the lighting effect is very well done and each one of these accessories is highly detailed. In short, this is probably as close to “perfect” as one can get with an Iron Man action figure. I was already looking forward to the release of the “Classic” Iron Man, but now that I know what to expect, I cranked those excitement knobs to 11.

Should you get the Mezco Iron Man Mark 42?

If you can find one, and you can afford aftermarket prices, then yes. I cannot imagine a comic fan who also collects action figures not being happy with at least one aspect of this figure. It really is that good. During my recent display restructuring, I tried to make my comic characters more of a focus than they have been in the past. After all, I love the movies, but the movies wouldn’t exist without the comics. As such, I have a shelf dedicated to nice comic IM armors and this one definitely takes the proverbial iron cake.

You can still pick him up here:

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