Mezco Iron Man Review

Mezco Iron Man

Much like his darker hued brother, the Mk 42, this is a great figure. This Mezco Iron Man just looks, and feels, like what my 5 year old self thought Iron Man should look like. If you’re in a hurry, let me sum up the figure for you: Get the figure if you can find it and like Iron Man. There, now you can go look at adult movies before your wife/husband gets home.

Sticking around? Fair enough. Let’s keep going.

What’s in the Mezco Iron Man Box?

With the new Mezco Iron Man, we obviously get the metal Iron Man figure, and a king’s ransom worth of goodies. We get six interchangeable hands, a chest repulsor effect, repulsor blast effects, booster effects, wrist rockets, hip rockets with blasting mini rocket effects and the standard Mezco base and flight stand. Oh, and before I forget, we get a Tony Stark head sculpt under the magnetic faceplate. For what it’s worth, this sculpt looks to be sharper than the Mk 42. The faceplate on the Mezco Iron Man also lifts off easier than the Mk 42 as well.

Finally, his light up arc reactor photographs really well and looks fantastic. You will notice, most pictures have the arc turned on. Keep that in mind.

What doesn’t work with the Mezco Iron Man?

The Mezco Iron Man doesn’t have a lot of faults. The bulk of the issues I had with the Mk 42 are non-existent here. The faceplate wasn’t stuck in the least. The wrist rockets, while not really “snapped” in, are more resilient than the set from the 42. Even the batery cover seems to be a little easier to pop in.

However, the two more important issues still persist. His bicep hinders his articulation and the paint will still rub on his things if you aren’t careful. Keep that in mind when you pick him up.

Finally, I wish we could have gotten light up eyes, but I am not sure I’d sacrifice the Tony sculpt for it.

What works with the Mezco Iron Man?

With crisp paint applications, smooth joints, and detailed line work, this Mezco Iron Man quickly became my favorite Iron Man figure I own. While I only own two Sentinel’s, I have several Figuarts and Legends, and heck, even a Revoltech one. This one seems perfect to me.

Should you buy the Mezco Iron Man?

In case you don’t know by now, I really like this figure. If you can find one and you have the cash, I’d suggest picking him up. You can still get him here:

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