S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Hulk Review

Figuarts Infinity War Hulk

The Figuarts Infinity War Hulk figure is in my grubby hands and at a whopping 8.3 inches, its a handful of awesome. Coincidentally, that’s what I tried to sell people as a possible nickname for me in high school. “Handful of awesome.” Unlike the recent Figuarts Old Ben, this figure transcends it’s plastic origins to almost become a living, breathing part of your display.

The Hulk is a figure that one would think would be easy to create. A lump of green with limbs. You don’t need a lot of elaborate paint apps with the Hulk. Yet up until now, I feel like we’ve been handed a lot of “close enoughs” for our shelves.

I have several Hulk figures. I have the original appearance Marvel Select, a grey Ultimates Marvel Select Hulk, the first Figuarts attempt for AoU and the Figma Hulk from the first Avengers movie. I also have the most recent Hulk Gladiator BAF and a Marvel “Now” Hulk.

The Figuarts Infinity War Hulk blows all of those guys out of the water. The AoU Hulk is an ok Hulk, but the face sculpts are more cartoony and generic. While that’s good if you’re sliding him onto your comic shelves, he looks odd on your MCU shelf.

The Figma Hulk from Avengers has been my go-to Hulk ever since it hit. The face sculpt on that is great, but everything below the waist just falls apart. Literally.

The Figuarts Infinity War Hulk just looks like a cinematic still frame. Let’s get started.

What’s in the Figuarts Infinity War Hulk box?

In terms of accessories for the Figuarts Infinity War Hulk, we don’t get a lot. We get the figure, two sets of hands and three distinct head sculpts. Let’s dig in with some pics.

What doesn’t work with the Figuarts Infinity War Hulk?

I gotta be honest with you, this Figuarts Infinity War Hulk is probably as close as we are going to get to a perfect 1:12 MCU Hulk. At least until they release this figure but with a Marvel’s Avenger’s headsculpt and deco. His arms, due to his bulk, can’t rest on his sides. They are always out at an angle a bit.

I also feel like the Figuarts Infinity War Hulk needs some actual neutral hands. The fist hands are great, as are what I consider to be a set more aggressive open hands, but sometime’s the Hulk’s hands are just hands. You know… chill Hulk, right before the sun gets low.

His fist hands have no issues snapping on, but the open hands seemed like they needed some extra pressure to get them to pop into place.

Finally, we get three great heads. However, Hulk’s big screen time is him getting his ass kicked in Infinity War. I’d have been happy with a confused, or in pain sculpt as well. Again, nit-picking for the sake of a review, as opposed to any expectations we’d ever see it.

What works with the Figuarts Infinity War Hulk?

From top to bottom, it’s hard to find any serious faults with this figure. He has a pretty amazing range of articulation given his bulk.

The heads swap out easy enough and snap firmly in place. The detail on his skin is consistent from top to bottom, as are the paint apps. He scales well with Figuarts AND your Marvel Legends.

Should you pick up the
Figuarts Infinity War Hulk?

If you have the cash and can find the Figuarts Infinity War Hulk, yes. The only reason I could think of why an action figure collector who enjoys these lines would NOT want the figure is if they were waiting for the Avengers version to come out later this year (I think). Honestly, if I could swing it, I’d buy a second one of these for my regular comic shelf as well.

If you collect MCU figures, or Figuarts, or Marvel Comic characters in general, you need this figure. You can still get him here:


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