S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Bucky Review

S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Bucky

The Figuarts Infinity War Bucky would probably be a great figure in any other line. Yet in a line with literal gods, he barely moved the “meh” meter.

Well, that got us off to a great start, didn’t it?

Let me first say that Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier is one of my favorite Cap stories. That’s saying a lot. I am hard pressed to think of a character’s resurrection that folded over so nicely into current continuity.

I also consider Captain America: Winter Soldier to be not just a great comic movie, but also a great movie in general. I love the MCU. I love the character in both comic and film form.

Why wasn’t I more excited about the figure?

Maybe I’ll figure that out as I write this.

What’s in the S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Bucky’s box?


Oh, you wanted specifics? My bad, fam.

You get the figure, a swappable face with side eye (no head, just the face… the tip, if you will), three sets of hands, a machine gun with a removable clip and finally, in the North American Bluefin release, we get an impact effect.

You know, for all the times he lands really hard on the ground.

I explained what Bluefin is in my Doctor Strange article, as well as why they have to exist, so take a look to get caught up. With that being said, of course, they had to have a pack in. I’d just like to think if I had 45 seconds to dedicate to it, I could probably think of at least one better effect piece.

Maybe a “metal” wall with a fist-shaped imprint? They’d need to make a new mold for it, but it isn’t like they wouldn’t reuse it four dozen times over. I can say that I’ve seen him punch a wall with his metal hand a lot. I’ve never seen him create an impact on the ground.

They could have a busted “cinderblock” corner piece with pieces of cinder to place around it.

As it is, I now have my 4th ground impact piece. Yay.

What doesn’t work with the S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Bucky?

In addition to the aforementioned pack in piece being contextually perplexing, the Figuarts Infinity War Bucky is up against too much white noise in the import figure world.

It isn’t Bandai’s fault that Bucky had a pretty plain uniform for Infinity War. I honestly don’t know how they could have made it more interesting. None the less, when he stands next to any Iron Man figure, Cap, Hulk, etc etc etc.. he’s a wallflower. Boring. He has no pop.

His only shooting hand can’t hold his gun properly. It flops around in his Kung fu grip like a newborn’s head. While I’m talking about his gun, whoever designed the clip mechanism should have a stern talking to. The damn thing never really feels like it snaps in, it’s constantly in the way and if you look at it wrong, it falls out.

One would think a quasi-super soldier with super secret assassin training with a highly technological bionic arm would look really cool with a military knife. He does have a knife.

That wraps that up.

No, wait. It doesn’t. The knife doesn’t come out of its sheath. It has two pegs and pops into the side of the leg. Much like the ammo clip, it falls out when confronted with a stiff breeze. It’s just tiny enough that it will be really easy to lose, so be careful.

S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Bucky
I bet you think “He’d look cool holding that knife…” Well, I got some bad news for you.

Finally, he is part of an ongoing trend where instead of getting a different expression, we get some side eye. I would have liked to have seen an angry/stressed face.

What work with the S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Bucky?

The face print on him is not too bad. You can see actor Sebastian Shaw when you look at it.

Whether or not it’s the preferred incarnation of Bucky, it’s still a character whose absence has been noticeable almost since the line started.

He’s better looking than the Marvel Legend figure.

Regardless of whether or not you feel it’s a good uniform, Bandai did a good job of replicating it.

Finally, I know this seems to fly in the face of my earlier rant, but at least we GOT a decent sized pack in. I don’t want to seem spoiled, so thank you. Just because I already own something doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t deserve a chance to own one.

As a personal success, I was pretty happy with the all white back ground for this particular photo shoot.

Should you order the S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Bucky?

Meh. I guess. If you’re a completionist or a fan of the character, sure. If you are just looking for a visually interesting action figure, I’d keep looking. If you want him, you can pick him up here:

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