2GOODCO Suit Up Gantry Review

2GOODCO Suit Up Gantry

Some of you may not even know this exists. I wouldn’t be surprised, I almost didn’t. I was on onesixthkit.com for something else and saw it pop up on the page.

“What the what?” I believe was exactly what I said. It looked spectacular. I checked the price. It was $25! Well then, sold, dammit.

Now, I don’t know how many of you get paid and hit the internet after consuming a drink or maybe under the influence of cold medicine, and you don’t read all the details. You just buy it.

That’s what I did. It turns out, the $25 was a down payment. Yikes. It was $135 total. Not sure I would have went all in on the 2GOODCO Suit Up Gantry if I knew that ahead of time.

The 2GOODCO Suit Up Gantry looks amazing. However, it is not without its issues. It looks like die-cast metal. Unfortunately, its mostly all plastic. It feels like it could break in your hand. A lot of the individual components don’t seem to line up with where Stark would stand.

The instructions, much like in the Nova Ubiquitous, are horrible. Fortunately, you can look at pictures and figure it out. I just don’t understand why companies don’t put out 3-minute instructional videos for these more intricate pieces.

So what’s the good news on the 2GOODCO Suit Up Gantry ?

It looks fantastic. The weathering is top notch. Almost every bit of it is articulated. Whether you are a toy photographer or just try to bring as much “life” to your displays as possible, this piece will not disappoint.

The price is a deterrent, but unfortunately, this is your only option if you want a 1:12 Iron Man suit up gantry. If you can find one used, maybe you can save some cash. I think this piece is only going to go up in value, simply due to a lack of availability. I’m happy with the product, even if I think it should have been about $50 less.

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