Star Wars The Black Series L337 Review

Star Wars The Black Series L337

The Star Wars The Black Series L337 figure is a frustrating figure. Along with Rio, she is one of my favorite characters from Solo. However, she makes for a less than exciting action figure.

I can’t remember if it was mentioned in the movie or not, but the box says she is a “self-made droid,” as in she made herself out of spare parts. Apparently, she is constructed from both astromech and protocol droid parts. I thought that was a fairly cool little factoid. When you look at her through that lens, she becomes a lot more interesting to look at.

I also really enjoyed the tie-in to The Empire Strikes back with her character in the movie as well.

If I add these together, she was a figure I knew I needed, regardless of the actual quality of the figure. I am not saying that’s logical, but it’s how my brain works. If I like it, I want a 3D representation of it on my shelf.

What’s in the Star Wars The Black Series L337 box?

Yeah… so.. about that. Um… there is not a lot. You get the figure. Ta and da.

What doesn’t work with the Star Wars The Black Series L337?

In terms of her being an “action” figure… not so much. She isn’t the first underwhelming Black Series Figure I’ve owned. Her articulation is almost non-existent, though it is better than I thought it would be. Her head barely rotates and forget about double joints. It’s barely single joints.

Yet my biggest gripe is her feet. While accurate, she’s really hard to stand up. I finally gave up and put her in a small doll stand I have. I wanted her to be better, but I don’t know why I expected she would be. She wasn’t cranking out any dance moves in the movie.

Also, it kinda annoys me that when I look at her name in writing, it reminds me of l33t speak.

What works with the Star Wars The Black Series L337?

Knowing that she is a hodgepodge of droid parts makes her interesting to look at. As limiting as her design is, I do think it looks pretty close to screen accurate.

Should you buy the Star Wars The Black Series L337?

Should you plunk down $24 of your hard earned cash? I can’t say “yes.” She is not a fun figure by any means. All I can say is if you’re like me, it will mean more to you that you have the 3D hunk of plastic that represents her than the fun you would have with her.

As good as I think she looks, she’s boring. If you read this and your OCD is still making you buy it, here are some links and I may make $.06 if you do!

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