Star Wars The Black Series Dengar Review

Star Wars The Black Series Dengar

The Black Series Dengar is here, and depending on if you’ve been able to find Zuckuss yet or not, you have the full set of Empire Bounty Hunters. If you were lucky enough to have grabbed a Fett, Bossk or IG-88 when they first hit.

I did not, but my Archive Black Series IG-88 and Bossk arrived yesterday, and my Mafex Boba Fett makes the Black Series one unnecessary.

Dengar was probably never voted “Most Handsome” or even “Most Likely to succeed.” However, when doing research for the character (I’ve not read a lot of EU material on him so this may be superfluous to some) he was able to make a decent living at being a bad guy. Check it out if you like clicking on hyperlinks like this one.

What’s in The Black Series Dengar box?

We get the figure with functional holster, a rifle, a blaster, and a removable backpack. I even took some pictures for you.

What doesn’t work with The Black Series Dengar figure?

The only real complaint I have is how much the backpack impacts the weight disbursement.

Star Wars The Black Series Dengar
His arms are straight out because I needed him to stand up-straight with his heavy backpack.

What works with The Black Series Dengar figure?

This face paint is excellent. As a matter of fact, the paint apps in general are fantastic. The detail on this figure is a level of quality I’d expect from an import, at a domestic price. Just take a look at this backpack.

Star Wars The Black Series Dengar
I can’t believe the detail Hasbro is tossing on these figures lately.

I was pleasantly surprised by his articulation, particularly with his arms.

Star Wars The Black Series Dengar

This is an exceptional offering from Hasbro for their OT Bounty Hunter Swan Song.

Should you purchase The Black Series Dengar Figure?

Yes, without a doubt. If you enjoy Star Wars 1:12 figures, this is a no-brainer. Even if you just want the Bounty Hunters, I’d be hard pressed to say there may be a better Dengar figure anytime in the near future. If his boy-band-mates are any indication, I’d expect his price to go up quickly. You can grab him here:

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