S.H. Figuarts Iron Man MK 7

The Figuarts Iron Man Mk 7 was a figure I didn’t think we’d ever see. To be quite honest, I was ok with that. I already had the Figma Mk 7, so a Figuarts version, in my mind, was simply superfluous. Then I saw the solicits for the Mk7 and I realized I am a sucker for Iron Men. It’s raining Iron Men in my house, and I’m ok with that.

What’s in the Figuarts MK 7 box?

Take a deep breath, because its a lot. In fact, it may be the most accessories we’ve ever gotten with a Figuarts Iron Man except for perhaps the Mk4. Definitely more than the Iron Man Mk 6.

We get the Iron Man figure, and several sets of hands. Those include Iron fists, Iron neutral, Iron flat out/extended (as if taking flight) and the Iron hands with the pegs for inserting the blast effects.

We get back flaps we can pose outwards for flying poses.

We get missile launching (not really) shoulder pieces we can swap out, as well as his wrist lasers, forearm launchers, and thigh missile swap outs.

If you picked up the Bluefin version, you get another Hall of Armor piece.

Here are some close-up shots for your viewing enjoyment.

In addition, we get varying sizes of blast effects for flight or offensive capabilities.

What doesn’t work with the Figuarts Iron Man Mk 7?

Shortlist: Stop releasing Iron Man figures without Tony Stark head sculpts, Bandai. Not everyone picked up the Stark figure or the MK 4. I did, but not everyone has done so. If the only Iron Man you have is the Figuarts Iron Man Mk 7, you do not have a Tony Stark head. Also, give us a hand option like the one with the peg, but withOUT the peg, so it’s more of a threatening pose as opposed to blasting. Finally, I think the red is a little too dark and in this regard, the Figma appears to be more accurate. Only on the color though.

What works with the Figuarts Iron Man Mk 7?

I have suffered from Figuarts Iron Man fatigue in the past, but it is obvious to me that Bandai wanted this Figuarts Iron Man Mk 7 figure to be a special release. Sure, it doesn’t light up (although I am not convinced that doesn’t eventually become a pain) but you can recreate almost any Iron Man scene from the first Avenger’s movie with this figure (or at least, any scene after the Stark/Loki showdown). Between the shoulder rockets and thigh rockets, we already have more accessories than any other Figuarts IM release. Toss in the various other clip-on parts and this figure is easily one of their best. I think the MK VII may be the pinnacle of what Bandai can do with their Iron Men without electronics. Or hovering. Or love making.

Should you purchase the Figuarts Iron Man Mk 7?

Yes. I would say if you were only going to own ONE Bandai Iron Man, the Figuarts Iron Man Mk 7 should be it. He’s a great figure. Pick him up here:

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