S.H. Figuarts Captain Marvel

Figuarts Captain Marvel

The Figuarts Captain Marvel figure kind of slipped under my radar. I knew it was up for pre-order and I just… didn’t order it. Don’t know why. I liked the movie and Carol Danvers (though I preferred her as Warbird, but whatevs). I also picked up the various Marvel Legends Captain Marvels and well, I knew Endgame would be out soon (or, by the time you read this, last week) and that she would have a slightly different uniform in the film.

Then my guy over at Xavier’s hit me up and told me he ended up with one extra and asked if I wanted it. The fact that you’re reading this article should provide you with my answer.

What’s in the S.H. Figuarts Captain Marvel Box?

The Figuarts Captain Marvel comes with pretty much the bare minimum. We get a helmeted/masked sculpt and an unmasked sculpt.

We get 3 sets of hands, that consist of Jude Law face punching hands, splayed fingers and a neutral set of hands.

Finally, we get a set of flame effects for her fists.

How do you feel about a few more pictures?

What doesn’t work with the S.H. Figuarts Captain Marvel Figure?

Outside of some foot articulation issues (the same ones I encounter on most Figuarts), there aren’t a lot of issues. Sure, she’s light on accessories as opposed to other Figuarts figures. She could have come with a Flerkin, but she didn’t. She could have come with a leather bomber jacket, but she didn’t. We got the least amount of accessories we could get and it still be a Bandai figure.

What works with the S.H. Figuarts Captain Marvel Figure?

I like the way the red, blue and yellow pop on the uniform. The headsculpts do a decent job of hitting actress Brie Larson’s likeness on both heads. Her articulation is smooth and compared to their Black Widow figure, she’s a lot easier to stand. The Figuarts Captain Marvel looks decent in just about any pose you put her in and unlike the Marvel Legends flame fist effects, these stay on the hand a lot better.

Should you purchase the S.H. Figuarts Captain Marvel?

Meh. I like her, but if you don’t have her already, I’d wait and see if they do an Endgame version eventually. of course, if you find her for below retail, pick her up. She isn’t horrible. She’s just not a great figure either. Here are some links if you’re interested:

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