Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive Review

Marvel legends Corvus Glaive

This one should be pretty quick. The Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive is 50% of an Infinity War two-pack. The second half is a repainted Loki figure that is just as hard to look at as the one from Ragnarok. Tom Hiddleston must have a hard face to sculpt. Regardless, we now have a Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive figure.

What’s in the Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive box?

Loki comes with the Tesseract and Corvus Glaive comes with his staff, a much better rendition than the one found in the Figuarts Infinity War Cap box.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive figure?

His joints are loose, and the shoulder piece on his left arm seriously hampers his left arm movement.

What works with the Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive figure?

This is a nice looking figure. It’s a minimalist character and that pairs very nicely with the Legends figure schema. The details on his costume are exemplary and the face sculpt looks like you’re holding an $80 import figure. The cape, while plastic, is very soft. That matters a lot when trying to pose him. You have to work around it, but not as much as say, Darth Revan. I’ll probably never care much for plastic capes if a cloth alternative is available, but it’s easy enough to work with for your shelf needs.

The Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive figure is a great figure from a great movie.

Should you pick up the Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive figure?

Ideally, you don’t have a Loki figure. If you don’t, this two-pack is pretty great. If you already have a Loki, you’re paying double for one figure. If you’re like me and have a big IW display, you want the Corvus Glaive figure. I’d see if you can find him for below retail, but I am not sure where to look. He’s a Walmart exclusive I think, and I just lucked out finding him on the shelf. At the end of the day, if you don’t have him, it won’t make or break your collection. But he’s nice to have on your shelf. I didn’t see them on Amazon, but he is on eBay.

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