Revoltech Spider-Man Review (1000 Words or Less)

When the Revoltech Deadpool hit the scene last year, it drove a chasm right down the middle of the collecting community. You either hated the aesthetics of the articulation scheme, or you were in love with his flexibility. I bought him and I do enjoy the figure. Not being a huge Deadpool fan, I’d be fine with him being my only Deadpool (I have two, counting this one so that isn’t really a reach for me). However, the joints take some getting used to in order to get the most out of them.

He wasn’t my first Revoltech. The Iron Man MCU Mk I will save me money when Figuarts gets around to putting theirs out, simply because I feel no need to replace him. The same goes with my Revoltech C3PO and R2D2. There are just some characters that I don’t expect or even need a lot out of and I can’t imagine me ever needing the droids or Iron Man to do something they can’t do and they look very nice on the shelf.

Yet Deadpool was a game changer, and Spider-Man picks up where the Merc with a Mouth left off. Whether or not that’s a good thing for you is up for you to decide, but if you’re curious, let’s take a look.

This figure is new to me, even though I preordered him. How you ask? I’m glad you did. I’m an idiot and I preordered him with figures that didn’t release until early this month (August 2017) so while the rest of the free world has been enjoying him for a while, I have not. When I opened the package from CD Japan, I was once again impressed. The Revoltech boxes look like a piece of comic book history, even if the English translations seem a little odd.


This box absolutely checks off a few boxes for me. Funny faces Spider-Man? Check. J. Jonah Jameson? Check. His Spider Sense never being wrong? Check, check, and check.

I will come out and say it, in a vanilla pose, this thing is gangly at best, fugly at worst.


When you put him next to Pizza Spidey he… does not look good.


And if that is all you do with your action figures, then you can probably stop right there. For the rest of us, let’s keep moving forward. He has four sets of eyes and like Deadpool. You can mix and match them all.


It’s a good thing he has a pretty face because this weird helmet thing Revoltech has going for them in the back isn’t cutting it for me.

I understand WHY they do this, I just hate how it looks.

In addition to different peepers, he also has several sets of hands.


In addition, he also has 2 long webs that fit in his “fist hands”, two smaller webs that fit in his thwip hand, a lasso web, and a stand.

Also, that reminds me: In 2017, if you release a Spider-Man figure and you don’t have thwip hands, crawling hands and fist hands at a minimum, you need to get out with that junk, because I ain’t havin’ it. *z-snap*

The unsightly balls (heh… balls) in his joints is the Revoltech Articulation System. They will take time to get the hang of them. At first, you’re going to be frustrated but stick with it. I spent quite a bit of time with mine and I feel like I am just scratching the surface.


I’m a fan of the engraved web patterns on his pajamas.


I did have a hard time getting his torso straight. After several minutes of fussing with him, this is what I got.


In addition to learning the joint system, I discovered something else. His arms pop off constantly. They don’t break, mind you. However, they slide off, sometimes from the weight of its own hand seemingly. His hips and upper thighs seem unnecessarily thick and just like Deadpool, I HATE how the shoulders look. It’s a compromise, I imagine. If you want this much poseability, you have to deal with some sacrifices. Fortunately for us, that whole unsightly joint system melts away when you get him in a pose you want.

I will say that the upcoming Magneto, Wolverine and Captain America seem to have done a better job of hiding the joints, so they are learning.


His stand in action.


He scales really well with your Marvel Legends bad guys, which is fortunate for those of us who are OCD about that sort of thing.


This figure will most likely never appear in a Toyville bit, but it will absolutely end up in one off shots I usually take for fun. Do you need him? No, not really. Unless you’re a Spider-Man fan, or you want poses out of your Spidey figure that the Pizza Spidey can’t hit. He has since been re-released and is more readily available. You can get him here:

Finally, and this is important, I know for a fact there are Chinese knock offs out there. I cannot speak to their quality. I’ve heard from many they are nice. Your opinion on knock offs are yours and not for me to dictate, but I wanted you to be aware it’s out there.

What do you think of the Revoltech joint system? Are you happy you picked up Spidey if you did? Comment away and share often!


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