Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America Review

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America

The new Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America has arrived and just like every other Revoltech figure, I’m always more confused about my opinion of the figure after I put it away than when I pick it up. An action figure shouldn’t play with my heart the way Revoltech does, yet they do and it does. Grab your emotional anchor and let’s find out if this Amazing Yamauchi is actually amazing.

So far, I have all of the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech figures except for Spider-Gwen. I’m not bragging but rather questioning my sanity. I’m not sure I love/hate any line as much as I do this line. Usually, if a line bothers me this much, I just stop getting them. Yet, as I mentioned in my Spider-Man review from the same line, something about these figures suck me in every time. Before we get started, does anyone want to get out? No? Hail Hydra.

What’s in the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America box?

We get the figure itself, an alternate face, and an alternate head. Also included are two sets of hands and then an additional three right hands. He has his iconic shield (as well as a frustrating shield strap mechanism), an eye-ball tool of sorts, the standard Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech stand, a miniature Revoltech joint that is used as a way to hold his shield on his back as well as a few standard Revoltech replacement joints. As some of you know, I really enjoy unique display effects and this one comes with a really neat “bullet ricocheting” effect. Finally, he has a peculiar looking piece of plastic with pegs on each side that can be used to give the illusion he is holding/throwing his shield.

What doesn’t work with the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America?

Oh, my. This is subjective, of course. However, getting him to a neutral pose felt impossible. I understand what they were going for in terms of a stylized look, but until you have him in hand, you just don’t realize how beefy he is.

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America
All three “Modern Caps” for comparison.

I’m not sure Captain America could move the way he does if he was that bulky. He has an articulated belt, which is the first time I recall seeing something quite like this. It very rarely looks right to me. You can tuck the sides under the belt under the front section and that helps a little, but it still seems off. His assortment of hands to me is odd. I feel like the right hand got a lot more love (it’s like that for me also, but this blog isn’t about that) but the one that befuddles me is the trigger hand. He has no guns. I guess he could use Deadpool’s if I wanted to stay in the line, but for the most part, we don’t see comic Cap with a gun. From now on I will use it as a helmet holding finger.

The strap mechanism involves popping two independent tiny pieces of plastic in Cap’s fist and then you simultaneously place both of the other pieces ends into the shield. It’s a level of frustrating that rivals the neck mechanism on the Bandai General Grievous model I reviewed, only you get to be frustrated every single time you want him to hold his shield. I mean, it isn’t like Captain America does that a lot, right? The second larger piece is not as frustrating to put in, but the tiny dowel rods they call shield straps will make you insane.

His neck seems to be absent in most poses. The gaps on the sides of the chest are… distracting. It’s like you’re trying to watch TV and your neighbors are weed whacking your furniture. The side chest joints (for lack of a better term) are functional, but I am not quite sure how best to utilize them.

As I mentioned, I don’t own Spider-Gwen, so Magneto was my first Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech figure with a human face, the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America is the second. Obviously, there is a huge Magna influence here, so I’ll forgive that. However, the skin tone itself seems way too light to be a human. Again, just my opinion.

Consequently, all of these factors make him an extremely frustrating figure to pose.

What works with the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America?

This is where I lose the plot because when you get a pose on one of these figures that works, you become amazed at how well it hides those unsightly joints.  The extra head sculpts are a welcome addition and as I mentioned earlier, I really like this effect. It is the most noteworthy effect piece I’ve ever seen packed in with a Captain America figure.

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America

The downside is you can really only photograph it from one angle, but that is just me being picky.

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America
As you can see, the plastic is waaay too obvious when shot from other angles. You could probably shop it out.

Not that this should be a factor, but like their other figures in the line, the box art looks like a 3d comic book.

Should you get the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Captain America?

I am not able to recommend this figure to you unless you are a fan of the line. If you are a fan of the line, there will be no surprises here. It handles very similar to Magento. I’ll say this, if you like the other figures, you’ll like this. If you are not familiar with the line, you may want to see if you can find a cheap Deadpool somewhere or perhaps a Spider-Man before buying a new figure. They are just so different from what you usually associate with the word “action figure” that it’s hard to give you a definitive answer. If you’re like me and you have a love/hate relationship with Amazing YamaGuchi, I’d say hold off and hope prices come down. If you want to pick up the Amazing YamaGuchi Revoltech Captain America, as I write this, he is still available here:

Every time I get one, with the exception of Wolverine (whom I love), I say to myself, “I am done with this line.” Then I see the next one, in this case, Carnage.


Damn you, Amazing Yamaguchi.

In the end, I am not sure Captain America needed the Revoltech treatment. Any Spider character lends itself well to the premise, Nightcrawler would be nice, obviously Black Panther. I’d do several others before I made Cap. Then again, I’m writing about action figures instead of making them, so what do I know? Here are some more pics!

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