Mafex Deadshot Review (600 Words or Less)

Mafex Deadshot

Mafex still has quality control issues, but as I stated in my various reviews for other Mafex figures, I find myself rooting for them. They’re no longer the consolation prize for unsuspecting action figure collectors. Their new Mafex Deadshot is a strong contender in the deluge of DCEU figures we have been getting of late.

How strong is the Mafex Deadshot? Let’s find out.

What’s in the Mafex Deadshot box?

The Mafex Deadshot box is pretty standard fare for Mafex. The front of the box is clear plastic so you can see the figure in all its glory. The packaging is bright, with a couple of action shots on the back and that is about as exciting as a box can get.

Right out of the box, I immediately popped his torso out of his hips. No big deal, it snapped right back into place. I would rather it pop out when I am doing something it can’t do than have it snap. For as much grief as Revoltech gets for their joints, you won’t hear me complain for the same reasons I won’t complain too loudly about this Mafex Deadshot.

Mafex DeadshotMafex DeadshotMafex DeadshotMafex Deadshot

As far as my money goes, Mafex is the industry leader in accessories. Deadshot is no exception. He comes with:

  • Two heads
  • Six sets of hands (!)
  • A knife
  • Two secondary pistols
  • One main pistol (can you tell I’m not a gun guy?)
  • One insanely detailed assault rifle
Mafex Deadshot
Yes, the assault rifle was that warped out of the package. I’ve since hit it with some hot/cold water and it’s a little better, but I’ll need to do it again.

What are my initial thoughts on the Mafex Deadshot?

His articulation feels stiff, and while I was wary of moving him, I didn’t have any issues. He has a really good range of motion leaning back and forward, decent head movement and his legs can be pulled down like we are seeing in a lot of Figuarts (and now DC Icons) figures. His hips can spread out a decent bit. While not a 90 degree angle, it’s pretty close.

Mafex Deadshot
You won’t get a lot more than that when it comes to ankle pivot.

The most maddening part of this figure for me is the dual holsters that attach on his lower back. Maybe mine are faulty, maybe I snapped mine off and it’s not supposed to come out. Regardless, it was a constant struggle to keep it in, to the point where any picture I took that didn’t show his back, it was removed. I’m still not sure if I will display him with it or not, because just last night (as I write this, not when you read it. I’m magic) my girlfriend went downstairs to check on the basement because of the torrential rains we’ve been getting and took out a decent amount of figures by accidentally bumping into a shelf. I’d hate to lose it.

Mafex Deadshot
This piece will drive you mad.

How is the sculpt on the Mafex Deadshot?

Finally, the sculpt. Mafex has really stepped up their game. The Will Smith head actually looks a LOT like Will Smith. He may be a couple shades lighter than he should be, but that is true of all their figures. Medicom hasn’t figured out skin tone yet. Give them time, they’ve only been making figures forever.

Mafex DeadshotMafex Deadshot

How is the scale on the Mafex Deadshot?

My biggest gripe with the figure, besides the back holsters, is the scale. This guy is really tall. He’s taller than my Mezco Bat-Fleck and he towers over my Mafex Bat-Fleck. It was significant enough to bother me. At first I thought, “Well maybe they are “keeping it 100” because Will Smith is taller than Ben Afleck. To the Internet, Robin!

Mafex Deadshot
I know you won’t believe it, but the Mafex is on the left.
Mafex Deadshot
All things being equal, Will Smith is not taller than Iron Man. He’s just not.
Mafex Deadshot
Smith is taller than both of my DCEU Bat-Men. Also, I have yet to find the light needed to make that Bruce Wayne head look decent.

That was not the case. Will Smith is 6’2, Ben Afleck is 6’4. Do better, Mafex. Those of us with OCD get triggered by this tom-foolery.

Mafex DeadshotMafex DeadshotMafex DeadshotMafex Deadshot

Do you want the Mafex Deadshot?

I digress yet again (it’s a motif with me). Bottom line, should you get this figure? Yes. If you have the space and cash, he deserves a spot in your collection. How does he stack up against the Figuarts version? You’re in luck. Here is my versus article! Oh, joyous day!

You can still pick up this figure here:

If you picked him up, what did you think of him?

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