Marvel Legends Okoye Wave Black Panther Review

Black Panther Review

I’m not sure Black Panther needs an introduction, but hey, its the Internet and I like to watch myself type. Quick summation: Before becoming the Black Panther, T’Challa, in a trial by combat, won the role of king and partook in the heart-shaped herb that binds him spiritually with that of the great Panther God, Bast. There has been a Black Panther for almost as long as there has been a Wakanda. Because of this connection with Bast, he can also commune with deceased leaders of Wakanda. He is an exceptional hand to hand combatant, having bested even Captain America. However, his greatest asset is his mind. T’Challa almost single handily has turned Wakanda into a technological superpower. In the process, he made the name Black Panther just as awe-inspiring.

Again, there is so much to type and as much as I’d love to sit around and discuss a character that has had his influence felt well outside of mainstream comics since 1965, this isn’t the place. However, I do suggest giving his wiki page a read so you have a basic grasp of the character if you aren’t familiar with him. Today, we look at one of Marvel’s royal stable, T’Challa, the Black Panther.

What’s in the Marvel Legends Black Panther box?

Inside the standard Marvel legends box, we get the figure, two sets of hands, the head for the BAF Okoye and a digitally face printed, unmasked Chadwick Boseman head.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Black Panther?

Initially, I did not care for the new costume. The head of the costume looked more like a sad panda as opposed to the fierce panther from Civil War. As it turns out, it was “old tech.” The new uniform is awesome. Won’t go into details but the movie really shows off what vibranium can do. The neck angle, with the extra articulation that allows him to look up, also makes it slightly more complicated to swap out the heads. The ball joint keeps running away from you.

The only real complaint I have is the same as Killmonger’s issue. The waist articulation.

Black Panther bad waist
Do you know anyone whose waist turns like this? Me neither.

Again,  this is just a preference thing. I understand why it is what it is, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

What works with the Marvel Legends Black Panther?

The sculpt is faaaaar superior in every imaginable way to the Civil War Giant Man wave Black Panther. The articulation scheme, with its butterfly shoulders, is just smooth. Also, unlike the CW Black Panther, both of his arms seem to be on the correct side of his body. The unmasked head blows away the last one as well, clearly benefitting from their face printing technology.

If you were wondering what they looked like side by side, here you go:

Should you pick up the Marvel Legends Black Panther?

Yes. This movie is huge and the accompanying figures really help you take the movie home with you for your displays. While I may prefer the flashy gold of the costume that that usurper, Killmonger took,  this outfit is indeed worthy of his majesty. He is available at your local retailers now, or you can still find him online:

Did you pick him up? Better question, Have you seen the movie? Feel free to discuss below, I’d love to hear your opinions. Let’s look at some more pics!

Black Panther Unmasked

If you wondered if the CW head would fit on the new body, you’re in luck!

Black Panther
2018 Black Panther with CW head.

Finally, here is my Black Panther “family.”

Black Panther
Group shot!

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