Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man Review (1000 Words or Less)

Oh great, another Iron Man figure, right? I can totally understand Iron Man fatigue. I’m getting close. While Stark was never my favorite, he is definitely ONE OF my favorites, so multiple versions don’t bother me as much.

This particular incarnation of the Stark armor is Armor Model 51 (for those of you just familiar with the movies, the comic model numbers are not as linear as the films), or as Tony dubbed it, the Model-Prime Armor. Essentially it can be any armor he wants it to be, increasing or decreasing its bulk (comic logic), can change colors, or sprout offensive/defensive abilities as needed. For more info, check this out.

You know who Tony Stark is, and you know what Iron Man is about, but this is a new figure. Does it tickle my tickle spots? Let’s see.

What’s in the box?

The figure ships in your standard Marvel Legends box now. The front is a clear plastic window that you can see the figure and his accessories. He has two sets of hands, two head sculpts, an attachable arm blaster and the now common blue blast effects.


He’s seen some stuff.



As you can see, my blasts suffer from performance anxiety. No worries, some hot water or a blow dryer will fix. I just wish I didn’t have to do that every time.

What doesn’t work?

The is a nice Marvel Legends figure, but it is not without its flaws. The main one for me is his bulk. I have said it several times and will continue to say it… Iron Man is not a man. Iron Man is a human inside of a walking/flying tank. I would expect the size of the figure to convey that bulk. I felt like they were on the right path with the Mk 46 and 47, but their comic cousin did not continue the trend.

He has all the articulation you’d expect in a Marvel Legend. This means he has the waist pivot I dislike, but he also has a wider range of motion in his legs than Pizza Spidey (ohhhh burn!). I do wish the waist joint was a diaphragm joint instead. That is strictly for photography purposes so your opinion may be very different.

What works?

Besides the aforementioned waist issue, which is just personal preference, he really does have a great range of motion. He can hit the poses I would expect Iron Man to be able to hit.


I wanted to hate the attachable laser/rocket launcher. As I mentioned in my Mezco Wolverine review, I’ve never been a fan of action figure gimmicks that the character has never come close to using. However, this particular gadget (or similar devices) actually appears in the comics, so as such, it’s a welcomed addition to my accessory collection.

The Tony Stark head is also nice to have. It still looks like a millionaire playboy, but thanks to the sculpt, in particular, the wrinkles and bags under his eyes, he looks like a guy that has had a lot of emotional weight dumped on him over the last 40 years. I know I complained about the blast effects, but the truth is, I am always happy when we get display options. The red and gold are near pitch-perfect shades in my opinion.

Should you get it?

If this was an $80 figure, I’d expect a lot more. It’s not, it’s a $22 figure and as such, it exceeds all expectations. I can’t see any reason not to pick him up, unless you’re sick of Iron Man. If you want your collection to be as “up to date” as possible with the latest costumes from your Legends, you’ll want this one. He’s a great comic representation of the character, despite my misgivings. If you want him, you can still pick him up here:

I have the rest of the wave, including the Black Panther MCU figs. Hoping to get downstairs into the studio and take some shots this week. What did you think of Iron Man? Are you picking him up? Let me know in the comments!

For your enjoyment, here are some additional pics!

IMG_8920IMG_8923IMG_8928IMG_8933IMG_8936IMG_8944city scene

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