Marvel Legends Taskmaster Review

Marvel Legends Taskmaster

The Marvel Legends Taskmaster figure is the Marvel Legends Taskmaster I wanted when we got Darth Taskmaster last year. If you aren’t familiar with the character, look here. There is a lot more to the character’s history (for instance, I never knew he was in the Frightful Four, let alone on that team with Deadpool) than I thought.

Taskmaster is a feared assassin. His “photographic reflexes” allow him to simply watch an opponent’s fighting style, and then mimic it. Thus the shield. He can handle it the same way Captain America does. How do you fight a villain who can mimic the fighting skills of the Marvel Universe’s most proficient combatants? Very Carefully. Unless you’re Sue Storm, then you just crush him with an invisible force field bubble.

The Marvel Legends Taskmaster figure is part of the new Infinity War wave, with the MCU Thanos as the BAF from that line. Drop that beat.

What’s in the Marvel Legends Taskmaster Box?

It’s a standard Marvel Legends box. Inside we find the figure, complete with an orange and white cape. He also comes with his shield, a gun, and a sword. I want to say he has the sword because he watched with the Swordsman or the Black Knight, and picked up that particular skillset. If he had a power that also allowed him to know what Marvel Characters would be relevant 20 years later, he probably would have rethought those selections. Finally, he comes with Thanos’ right leg.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Taskmaster?

Right off the bat, his joints seem super loose to me. There were a lot of paint defects out of the package. Unfortunately, he was the last one so I didn’t get to pick. His cape is a hindrance in a lot of poses and finally, who in the world has a yellow gun? The Angry Banana maybe. Would it kill them to get some washes on Hasbro’s figures? Both the Marvel Legends line and the Black Series all suffer from lack of weapon detail, but yellow? Stoooooop!

What works with the Marvel Legends taskmaster figure?

As I mentioned before, this is the Marvel Legends Taskmaster I’ve been waiting on. I have the one from the Red Onslaught wave, but since I’ve never read a comic where he looked like that, it lacks the emotional resonance this classic Marvel Legends Taskmaster has for me. As a result, I’m demoting the old one to the storage box. I think the old one looks good as “bad guy #2” but since he is readily identifiable by fans of that look, that would be off-putting. Away with you.

Consequently, as a fan of the original look, I see past the cape and loose joints. I see past the infuriating dumb yellow gun. I see a fan-favorite bad guy who looks exactly like he’s looked in every major story arch I’ve seen him.

Do you want the Marvel Legends Taskmaster?

Wholly subjective here. If you like the character, I’d say yes. If you want to build Thanos now, then yes. However, if you answered “no” to those two questions, I’d wait. I don’t see him increasing or even retaining value. the market is just too saturated right now. Hold off and wait for the markdowns on this one. If you want to pick him up now, start here:

Here are a few more pics!

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