Marvel Legends Ghost Rider and Motorcycle Review

When I saw the initial solicits for the vehicle packs, the Marvel Legends Ghost Rider and Motorcycle set tickled my dopamine center. I’ve already reviewed the Black Widow set if you want to compare the two. I’m not ungrateful we got the Black Widow bike and figure, but I don’t associate motorcycles with her. In the comics, they don’t really cover how she gets from point A to point B. I do associate Cap with a motorcycle, due in no small part to the movies, but also the old, horrible TV show. Wolverine rode a lot of bikes in the comics (pumped about his figure/bike combo later this year) but there is not a single comic character I associate more with a motorcycle than Ghost Rider. Let’s jump right in!

What’s in the Marvel Legends Ghost Rider and Motorcycle box?

In the box, we find the figure, a flaming chain whip, and of course, the motorcycle with an optional piece to put on the front. The motorcycle comes with all kinds of detachable hellfire. Take a look at these pics:

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Ghost Rider and Motorcycle set?

This is a really nice set, but not without a few flaws. I think his eyes should have been brighter (I touched them up in some photos below). I am not a fan of those hip-balls. It’s probably just a personal thing, but I’ve broken more of those joints over time than probably any other. Lastly, all of the flames removed, EXCEPT for the one tiny one on the back of the bike.

Well, let me rephrase that… if that flame comes off, I wasn’t willing to risk breaking the piece to find out. The good news is, his urine doesn’t smell like hellfire.

What works with the Marvel Legends Ghost Rider and Motorcycle set?

The attention to detail on the head sculpt is really nice. I didn’t think the last figure was a slouch either. I liked him almost as much as the latest one.

Please notice, my homemade bracelet chain on the left. I liked the grey, but that teal on the new one, is once again, what he looked like when I first saw him appear in comics.

Sure, regular, non-demon tires to swap out would have been cool, but they knocked almost every aspect of this bike out of the ballpark. With releases like this, I really feel like Hasbro is hitting their stride with this line.

As you can see from above, his jaw is articulated (as was the old one). Often times, with something like this, its either closed, or it flops all the way open, with no in-between. This joint is solid and allows you to put the jaw wherever you want it.

Should you get the Marvel Legends Ghost Rider and Motorcycle set?

In conclusion, yes. I’ve not seen this in stores yet (note, the day after I wrote this, I hit a local TRU because I like being depressed, and they had four of him on the shelf). I still see Black Widows. If I am not mistaken, I picked him up off of the BBTS or TRU website. This set is just an eye-catching example of what can be right with a vehicle/character set. You can pick him up here:

Also, I know X-23 doesn’t really belong, I just happen to have her out still from her photo session, so I put her in there. You’re not the boss of me.


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