Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle Review

The Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle 2-pack are out in stores and I found one at my local Toys R’ Us. I wanted this one and the Ghost Rider set, as well as the upcoming Logan set. They did not have Johnny Blaze, but they had Natasha. I grabbed the last one, as well as the Klaw and Shuri 2-pack. Does the Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle fill your need? The need for speed? Let’s take a look.

Whats in the Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle box?

It’s fairly straightforward. You get a modern Black Widow figure and her black and red motorcycle. In addition, you get an additional head sculpt because Natasha likes to keep it fresh.Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle

Not my picture, I forgot to take a picture before I opened the box. Credit to whoever took the pic.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle?

The figure looks nice, and its swell to have a modern representation on my shelf. I don’t know if I will keep my Retro Black Widow out now since display space is always at a premium. The problem is she isn’t well made. Maybe it’s just mine, but the neck peg on my Black Widow is a floppy mess. Consequently, it makes swapping heads an almost impossibility. Hence, it discourages you from actually trying. She has trigger fingers (most likely the same mold as the retro figure) but no guns. What’s her superpower? Martial arts, covert spy stuff and oh, guns.

I would postulate that the intent of this figure is to just look good on her bike.

Finally, her entire body is just as floppy as her neck peg, with the added addition that her left leg just falls off. That’s super helpful for when I want her to act as a stand-in for Heather Mills.

What works with the Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle?

The cycle is really nice. The wheels spin and it has a kickstand. If I was a pickier fella, I’d mention the lack of detail on the engine parts, but it’s a Hasbro marvel legend and not a Figma or Figuarts vehicle. In other words, lower expectations. Don’t laugh, that’s the only way I get into relationships.

The addition of the extra head for Black Widow is nice. I actually prefer the longer hair, but the last time I saw Natasha in the comics, it was during Secret Empire and she looked pretty worn down. This was before she was killed and resurrected but I think her hair is similar now. Therefore, I am displaying her with the shorter hair.

Again, Hasbro… no double jointed elbows? On someone as nimble as the Black Widow? C’mon. Still, even without the double joints, the new Gwenpool figure slays this Black Widow.

Should you buy the Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle?

The Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle pack is a worthy investment, but only if you’re doing it for the vehicle. You can easily photoshop the Black Widow emblem off in photoshop and use it for any 1:12 character you want. I cannot recommend the kit if you want theBlack Widow figure, she just isn’t well made. In conclusion, I bought the pack for the motorcycle. In that regard, I’m happy with it, the figure is icing on the cake.

I don’t know how many of these Hasbro made, so I’m afraid to tell you to wait until they mark them down. If you want to pick up the Marvel Legends Black Widow and Motorcycle pack, you can get it here:

Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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