Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine Review

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine

By today’s standards, the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine is not a new figure. He’s actually two releases from the line, removed. Unfortunately, I am just now getting to Wolverine. This is unfortunate because he is by far, my favorite from the line. maybe that will change in the future, but right now, he is my display Wolverine. What’s so great about a figure for a guy that has had dozens, if not hundreds, of figures molded in his likeness? I guess we need to keep going.

What’s in the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine Box?

First of all, we get the figure itself. Wolverine comes in his classic “tiger stripe” uniform. This one seems to be a combination of three uniforms, actually. His Capcom appearances, his classic uniform and the Astonishing uniform (and as I stated in my Mezco Wolvie review, is my favorite). He comes with removable claws (but probably not the way you are thinking), three sets of hands (one set being fairly useless) and a “cigar” hand. We did NOT get a cigar because I guess tiny plastic cigars cause cancer. In addition, we got some spare Revoltech joints, three headsculpts, a “slashing” effect piece and finally, your standard Revoltech stand.

Ready to see the goodies? Me too.

What doesn’t work with the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine?

All of the same tripes are here that ever so slightly irked me in the other figures (not unlike Cap and Spidey) but they just seem to work better here. Yet, that is not to say there are no issues.

Getting his arms to a relaxed neutral position is impossible. If you flip his arms around so they can straighten up, it’s very obvious he has an elbow next to his bicep. It seems like Revoltech did not want their the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine to be chill. I get it. Sometimes I wish my cat wasn’t so chill. You can manipulate the arms in such a fashion that the upper part of the arm nests inside the lower part.

Still not a fan of that gap on either side of his chest. It doesn’t seem to add any functionality so it is confusing for me. It does move, but this is just another way that these Amazing Yamaguchi figures are more like a Rubix Cube as opposed to an action figure. Line up the pieces right!

His hands seem to only go in one position comfortably. Mainly because they’ve molded the wrist plastic in such a pattern that there is a definite grove where the hand SHOULD rest. the lack of a cigar is frustrating. Mainly because we were initially told we were getting it.

If this was a figure mass marketed that children could buy at their local Target or Walmart, I’d get it. But this line is made for collectors, imported from Japan. The price tag is more than most kids can afford or more than most parents would spend on their kid to break something or lose pieces immediately. It frustrates me, most of all because as an adult, I should be the one to make that decision for my collection.

What works with the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine?

I love this figure. The normally offensive joint system (in vanilla poses) really blends well. This Wolverine does everything I’d expect from a Wolverine. While there are obvious omissions in the pack-ins as I just mentioned, what we do get does everything I want a Wolverine to do. is he better than my Mezco? Different strokes. The Mezco looks good existing. This Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine looks stellar, but you have to work for it. I have him displayed with my Legends and he looks fine to them, he’s short and thick. just like I like ’em. The display piece is a one trick pony (designed to recreate the slashing effect from the Capcom games, if I had to guess) but I am always happy for unique effect pieces.

His claws, while somewhat limiting, do not bend and I haven’t broken them yet. They always look good no matter the pose. My only word of caution would be the little piece you have to remove is very tiny and I am guessing super easy to lose.

All of these factors go into making a strong toy and a happy addition to the line. Consequently, the customer (you and I ) end up with a Wolverine we can be proud to have on our shelf.

Should you get the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine?

Yes. If you like the line, this is the best figure so far. If you like the character, this is one of the greatest Wolverine figures ever made at this scale. The normal Revoltech drawbacks did not affect me in the least, which means this toy is capable of the elusive handgasm. If you are looking to get him, you can still get him here:

His prices seem to be all over the place but my gut tells me he is going to start trending upwards. Ready to close out with some pictures? Of course you are.

I’m a bit of a Wolverine fan, and right now, the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine is my favorite shelf Wolvie.

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine

Conspicuously missing is my first Wolverine figure. He did not survive one of my mom’s “get rich quick” schemes, wherein she sold every single He-Man, Secret Wars, Super Powers, M.A.S.K., Thunder Cats, Transformers, Star Wars, and G.I. Joe toy I had the week after she threw me out. With her shrewd business sense, my guess is she MAYBE got $50 and a pack of Century 100 lights.

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine
The effect piece will not fit in a Marvel Legends back. The peg is too small. It fits well enough in the other Revoltechs.

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