Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex Review

Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex

I initially saw solicits for the con-exclusive Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex last year and knew I had to own this guy. I’m a huge fan of the clones, the cartoon Clone Wars and if you haven’t figured it out by now, most anything that can be filed under “Star Wars.” Yet, I was sad because I don’t live within walking distance of the HasCon.

Well, that’s a lie, as Steven Wright once said, “Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), when I saw they were releasing him as part of a standard wave, I was ecstatic. I saw immediately that we were only getting half the blasters in the standard release as the Hascon Exclusive had in its package. This had the potential to trigger me, but I quickly realized that I have so many of the standard clone/trooper blaster rifle and heavy rifle, that if I needed to pose him with them, I could just grab those from some unfortunate peon in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Rex is part of the Kamino clones, designated CT-7567. He is an ARC or Advanced Recon Commando. These were clones bred with a lot more independence and cunning than the average clone. It was this breeding combined with the framing and death of Rex’s friends that allowed him to find his own inhibitor chip and destroy it. In turn, this allowed Rex to not comply with Order 66,

I know I’ve mentioned it before, maybe here or here, but I am not the kind of guy who can tell you the dimensions of the Phase II helmets vs the regular Stormtrooper’s helmets vs Vader’s helmet or Boba Fett‘s helmet, blah blah blah. All I know is that the Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex looks exactly like I imagined he would, and that’s a good thing. My point is, I don’t dive too far into that kind of minutia (instead, saving it for obscure Jedi/Sith “facts”). I know that the blue paint on his armor implies the 501st Legion. The 501st would eventually become known as “Vader’s Fist.”

I always wondered (but I don’t remember reading it anywhere, so maybe someone can help a fellow nerd out) if Vader made the 501st his own BECAUSE of young Anakin’s relationship with Rex. I don’t have that answer, but I am hoping I can answer any questions you may have about the figure.

What’s in the Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex box?

Inside we get the figure, two pistol sized blasters and his helmet.

Closer look? Sure, why not.

What doesn’t work with the Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex?

As I mentioned earlier, it would have been great to get the additional weapons with Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex but that’s the cost of living in a flyover state, I suppose. I would have preferred two trigger fingers as well. That’s really all that sort of annoyed me with him.

What works with the Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex?

Wow, where to start? For as much armor as he has, his articulation isn’t that impaired.

Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex

Another cool thing is the Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex comes weathered already. He’s caked in mud and dirt. I’ve seen better weathering jobs by professionals, but it’s rare that we get this much thought right off the shelf. His holsters hold his pistols quite snug, yet doesn’t pose a problem when you need to get them out.

The big positive for me was that Hasbro put their new face printing technology to good use on the Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex. The figure looks very much like Temuera Morrison, the actor who portrayed Jango Fett and all 7 billion clones. That had to be exhausting.

Speaking of Temuera Morrison, this isn’t their first attempt at sculpting his face. The Black Series Jango Fett figure with the helmet on, looked better than the Figuarts version, in my opinion. However, looking at the old sculpt with the benefit of hindsight, I’d say the most interesting part is the attempt at eyebrows.

This is a brilliant move for Hasbro when you think about it. How many of us love to army build, or have an affinity for the clones? They can use this head on pretty much any of them. Change up the hair here, toss a scar on a face there, it just works. He’s a clone. Duh.

On a personal note, I wish they’d do other characters from The Clone Wars cartoon, in this fashion. It’s the character from the cartoon, but he looks like a human and less like a cartoon. Imagine having an Obi-Wan or an Anakin in their outfits from the cartoon on your shelf.

*sigh* Maybe one day, right? Want to see close-ups of the face print? You’re in luck, friends.

Should you get the Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex?

I mean, what do you think? Hasbro is really firing on all cylinders now with their Black Series AND Legends lines (how much money do you think they make a minute? I bet it’s like $70 gazillion dollars*) (*not an actual fact) and the Star Wars Black Series Clone Captain Rex is no exception.

This is an incredible figure, especially if you find him at retail. The only reasons besides money that I can think of for not wanting these are: You hate Star Wars (which makes you a sociopath), or you hate the prequels specifically. I have a couple friends like that, so I don’t judge.

For the rest of us, if you see him, pick him up. I am really hoping (and I believe I’ve seen pictures online of this) they continue to pump out the “named” clones from the cartoon and Revenge of the Sith (although I like my Commander Cody figure, having a Temuera head for him would be cool).

If you’re looking to pick him up, here are some links for you:

Be warned though, he is starting to trend upwards. How about some more pictures?

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