Star Wars The Black Series IG88 Review

Black Series IG88

The new, archive version of the Black Series IG88 arrived a few weeks ago. I didn’t see anything shocking in his history but check it out if you’re bored.

I can’t say I was ever a huge IG88 fan as a kid. I didn’t even notice him in the famous Bounty Hunter scene until I was a little older. I am 100% confident that I used his 1:18 figure as a lamp when I was playing with my other toys, about as often as I’d make the “Gronk” droid a TV for my other toys to watch.

Now that I own this figure, I feel like I could copy and paste my Bossk review here. However, I am not about that life. Let’s get moving, shall we?

What’s in the Black Series IG88 box?

We get a murder bot with some really nice paint apps and weathering on it.

We also get his blaster, his signature sniper rifle and a blade for what I am assuming is his appearance on Battle-Bots.

What doesn’t work with the Black Series IG88?

His articulation scheme, like Bossk, is atrocious. He does have an elbow joint, but it’s concealed by a rubber gasket. So anytime you go to move it, there’s a voice in your head saying “wrong way, you’re gonna snap it off.”

The Black Series IG88 legs don’t have a lot of give to them, and he’s way too short. All problems the original 2015 release suffered from, so there were no real surprises for me in that regard.

What works with the Black Series IG88?

Well… he resembles IG88. So there’s that. I already mentioned the paint apps. I was going to say in the negative section that he barely holds his weapons, but I at least found the pegs that you insert into the blasters. His blade is a different story for me. I guess that’s not really a positive, but more of a “not negative.” I guess that is worth something?

Should you purchase the Black Series IG88?

He’s a fairly inferior figure in all ways except for one: The Black Series IG88 is the best 1:12 version of IG88 on the market. He is also the only one. Don’t pay more than retail for this guy, or you’ll be disappointed.

If you want to pick him up, here are some super helpful links that may earn me $.10 one day!

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