Marvel Legends Professor X and Hoverchair Review

The Marvel Legends Professor X is here, and he brought his Hoverchair! Well, technically, the Hoverchair brought him. You may want him if you have an X-Men shelf, a mutant display, an Illuminati display or maybe a shelf dedicated to your favorite handicapped heroes and villains. I assume you’d have Xavier there as well as Daredevil. Probably Deadpool also. He’s emotionally handicapped. Not in the brave way that many people in my life are emotionally handicapped. He’s perpetually the bad and awesome parts of being 13.

Once again, I digress.

This was a figure that I didn’t think we’d get. I don’t know why, but it kinda felt like a “If Hasbro was gonna make him, they would have already” thing. I wasn’t in a hurry to get him. I was actually going to pick up a suited figure off of eBay and slap on my Lex Luthor head on him. Good enough for pictures, I suppose.

I know I’ve mentioned it, but before we moved to Whitehall, Oh (shout out to Central City Comics, long gone) the only place I had access to comics was the drug store with a spinner rack. If I picked up an issue of X-Men, it was entirely possible I wouldn’t see another issue of the title for months. Maybe years. In Chris Claremont’s multi decade long run on the X-titles, Xavier was in a wheelchair, he was walking, he was dead, oh no he’s back, seemingly countless times to my young mind. I think he may even be dead still from when Scott killed him in Avengers Vs the X-Men. If you have 87 years, here’s some of his history.

Oh, spoiler alert. Sorry.

Here’s what I know… Xavier was alive and center stage when it mattered for me: In the big Jim Lee mega launch of the ’90s, and in the Animated Series. Now I own the Marvel Legends Professor X.

What’s in the Marvel Legends Professor X box?

You get the Marvel Legends Professor X figure, a hoverchair you snap together that includes two sides, a seat cushion, a seat back, a “hover” effect piece, and a plastic blanket to put over Charlie’s uncooperative legs. Additionally, you get a Shadow King head (to put on the Kingpin BAF, which I am not even close to building as of this writing), a Cerebro helmet and psychic energy snap on effect piece.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Professor X figure?

The easy joke here is, “His legs. His legs don’t work.” But I’m a better person than that.

I don’t expect a lot of movement out of a Marvel Legends Professor X figure. I’d say, in general, Hasbro needs to retool the pants leg/ankle articulation on their suited figures. I have several, some are knock offs, others are not. None of them can lean forward enough to stand solidly. Nor can you put both feet flat on the floor.

Professor X only comes with one set of hands, and they’re on his arms when you open the box. Each hand are in what I consider to be classic Xavier poses, but they are very action specific. In other words, if your Marvel Legends Professor X needs to attend an important meeting, he’s going to be making a lot of “smell my fingers” jokes. Or finger pistols. I’m not sure which is worse.

What works on the Marvel Legends Professor X figure?

He’s a nice looking dude in a suit. Outside of the X-Patriarch debuting in Hasbro Marvel Legends form, the real star here in the Marvel Legends Professor X pack is the Hoverchair. From a convincing looking leather seat and blanket, to hidden panels with various knobs and screens hidden inside, this is a solid piece for your collection. The hover effect is just icing on the cake. Have a look!

When I looked on the Bay for links at the end of this article, I saw people were splitting the package up and just selling the Hoverchair, so that’s always an option for you.

Should you purchase the Marvel Legends Professor X figure?

If you already collect Marvel Legends, then you cannot go without such an important character in the Marvel Universe. Especially if, like me, you missed out on any Toy Biz attempts. If you don’t collect Legends or read comics, you can skip the Marvel Legends Professor X figure. Personally, I am glad I have him in my collection. You can still pick him up here:

Do I have more pictures? Is my hygiene questionable?

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