Marvel Legends Magik Review

Marvel Legends Magik

The new Marvel Legends Magik figure is a Walgreen’s Exclusive. If you’ve followed this blog at all, you’ll know I rarely come across exclusives in stores. However, Magik ended up being an exception.  I went in to see if they had The Thing and walked out with Magik.

As much as I’d like to say “that’s what she said,” no woman has ever said that in regards to me or my genitals.

Also of note, my Figuarts Episode IV Obi-Wan review has been done since July and is just waiting for me to take pictures. So what did I do? I got my photo booth set up and started taking pictures that are not of Obi-Wan. I promise it should arrive just in time for it to not matter anymore.

When I write a review for a figure, I usually know a lot about the character. With Magik, or Illayna Rasputin, I knew the bare minimum. I knew she was Piotr‘s sister. I knew she was a member of the original, Magento led New Mutants (or did she leave before that? I guess that’s one less thing I know). I think she hung out with Warlock at one point.

Annnnnnd that’s it.

So I did some research.

If you’re curious, you can look here. However, if you just want a summation, here is one: Holy convoluted nightmare, Batman. She’s Piotr’s sister. She’s a queen or a witch in Limbo. She has less power when she is not in Limbo. She has a soul sword. She’s dead thanks to the Legacy virus. Whoops, now she’s alive. She has an evil twin that resides in her. But then it isn’t evil. Except it’s evil. I just can’t keep up. This is the kind of stuff that kept me from reading the New Mutants when they first hit racks, and it hasn’t aged well enough to make me want to revisit any of the stories.

Fortunately, I am not reviewing the character, I am reviewing the figure. Let’s get started, Nerd Lords.

What’s in the Marvel Legends Magik Box?

Since the Marvel Legends Magik is a Walgreen’s Exclusive, she has no BAF packed in with her. Don’t weep for her, though. Much like Gwenpool, she has so many accessories that you feel like you’re getting something special for your $22.

You get the figure itself, two swords (I don’t know if they are both different versions of the Soul Blade or two unique swords), and four magic effects. Two of them are repaints from the Toys R’ Us exclusive Scarlett Witch and one of them looks like the lightning effect from the Thor Ragnorak figure. The 4th is attached to one of the swords. It looks like the flame effect packed in with Typhoid Mary from the Monster Venom wave. You also get a red flaming skull (no idea how this is relevant to the character) and a tiny red dragon that appears to be a repaint of Kitty’s Lockheed.

Again, no idea what the relevance is here, but I am also not going to turn down a flaming red skull and baby blood dragon.

I’m about that life.

Finally, you get an alternate “spellcasting” hand when she isn’t holding one of her 97 swords.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Magik?

The Marvel Legends Magik is a female character and as such, toy manufacturers still don’t know how to make a female figure with the same articulation as their male counterparts that can stand on its own without balance issues.

The Marvel Legends Magik figure, like her comic counterpart, has a “magic” armor on her left arm (reminds me of Witchblade, but I THINK Illayna was first). The single jointed elbow on the left arm, combined with the bulk of the thicker armored body part, makes for a frustrating posing experience. As does the single jointed knees.

Mine had some really rough paint apps. Especially on the red X on her sleeve.

Since I am not that acquainted with the character, I would have rather had her in her New Mutants uniform, but that is simply because I am familiar with that outfit.

What works with the Marvel Legends Magik?

I mentioned the costume on the Marvel Legends Magik figure, but as little as I know about this dominatrix outfit, I like it. I was also surprised by the range of motion in her right, non-armored elbow.

Her accessories are top notch and I think they did a good job on the face sculpt.

Should you buy Marvel Legends Magik?

She still has a low aftermarket price and I found her, so obviously she’s out there in mass quantities. Therefore, there are no issues with availability.

If you have Colossus already, it makes sense to pick up his sister. If you have a mutant shelf, of course, you need her. If you have a New Mutant display, you’re probably a serial killer. That aside, you’ll want her for that display.

If none of those things apply to you, and you’ve let your Illayna Rasputin Fan Club membership lapse, this is an easy pass for you.

If you want to pick her up, you can grab her here:

Want more pics? Me too!

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