DC Icons Batgirl of Burnside Review

Like I said in my Deathstroke review, I love the DC Icons line.  The DC Icons Batgirl of Burnside is no different. The accessories and sculpts suck me in every time, even if they are a little flaky with their articulation choices every now and then.

Even if the first wave was comically undersized.

Despite all of that, they get my vote for the best domestic line. Now with the advent of the new DC Essentials looming on the horizon, the future of the Icons line is in jeopardy. I don’t want to see it go, but I really have no say in the matter.

What I CAN do is continue to reexamine the figures we’ve already received and share them with my readers.

Today’s review is about Batgirl. Not just any Batgirl, but the DC Icons Batgirl of Burnside. The comic seemed to be an attempt to reestablish an already established character with a new audience. I’m ok with it, and if I am being 100% honest, I actually like the new costume.

What is in the DC Icons Batgirl box?

DC Icons BatgirlDC Icons Batgirl

Sure, she isn’t what I would consider “my Batgirl.” Yvonne Craig stole my heart in the role as a lad watching the Adam West Batman series in syndication. Michelle Pfeiffer came close, but that skin-tight purple costume was a solid win in my book. Essentially I am saying I had a favorite Batgirl… IN MY PANTS.

No, seriously, our mother forced us to wear underwear made of live bats tied together. For six glorious hours a night, my crotch was the night, and it was amazing.

The figure itself is gorgeous. The shade of purple really grabs your eyes and the poseability and fun factor holds your attention. The face is really a thing to behold.

DC Icons Batgirl
It’s so nice she can’t stop taking selfies.

However, she has almost zero head articulation. Consequently, She cannot look up or down. She can look left and right, but that’s really it. No head tilt. As with Deathstroke, her legs seem to be wonky and her ankles are frustratingly loose. Nothing you can’t work around, or maybe fix with floor wax or something, but you should be aware.

The nice thing about this figure is she looks good doing whatever you have her do. I know I sound like I am gushing, and I probably am. I really like it.

DC Icons Batgirl

The DC Icons Batgirl is a deluxe figure so she comes with a decent amount of accessories. She has three sets of hands, a grappling hook gun, a cell phone for selfies (because that was a thing for a short period in the comic), two heads (one of which has the hair blowing back to indicate movement), two capes (much like the second head, the second cape is blowing in the wind as well) and my personal favorite, a really cool purple motorcycle with its own dynamic base. Again, the Icons line does not shy away from accessories.

DC Icons BatgirlDC Icons Batgirl

DC Icons Batgirl
Alternate head with wind blown pony tail. Forget about NASA, we’ve conquered the great unknown.

DC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons Batgirl

In spite of her head/neck area, she has all of the other articulation you could possibly need, including a really smooth diaphragm joint.

DC Icons Batgirl
This is what her head looks like when she looks up.

She scales well with the newer icons and looks pretty spectacular on your shelf.

DC Icons BatgirlDC Icons Batgirl

Her motorcycle is a great accessory. The wheels don’t move, but they don’t need to since the base that is included with it captures the essence of movement without actually giving you any. Tricky Hobbits.

DC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons Batgirl

DC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons BatgirlDC Icons Batgirl

Do you need the DC Icons Batgirl?

Look, you probably already know if you like the Icons line. If you do, yes you need her. If you’re not a fan, I probably can’t convince you otherwise. All I can offer is my opinion, and I am of the opinion that this is a delightful figure, hitting a perfect ten on the eye and hand candy charts. You can still pick her up here:

If you enjoyed the article, please share and tell your friends. If you have a Batgirl figure you liked better,  I want to hear about it!

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