Marvel Legends Gwenpool Review

Marvel Legends Gwenpool

Every once in a while, a figure shows up that moves right up to the front of the list of figures I want to review. Sometimes it’s because its a really bad figure, or sometimes, its a really nice figure. The new Marvel Legends Gwenpool is the latter. I was in my local Target this past Friday, fresh with my new paycheck, looking to see if any of the three (yes, THREE!!!) new waves had made their way to Central Ohio yet. As luck would have it, my buddy Mike was there already and greeted me with the last remaining figure of the new Spider-Man Lizard Wave, Gwenpool.

Coming into this review, I knew nothing of the character. In fact, I had decided I wasn’t going to bother buying her. Then I saw her in person and was sold. For those of you in the same boat I am with Gwenpool, I’ll make this as quick as possible. She claims to be from the “real” earth (based on what I read, it sounds like Earth Prime from the Pre-Crisis DC Universe) and ended up in the Marvel Universe. She has the same amount of knowledge about her favorite heroes and villains we all do, but in the Marvel Comic Universe, she is unique in that aspect.

Gwenpool often times breaks the 4th wall that Deadpool is known to break. However, it is only a coincidence that she has a uniform similar to Deadpool with no real relation to the character or Gwen Stacy as I originally thought. Her real name is Gwendolyn “Gwen” Poole. She has no superpowers but is extensively trained and uses the loot from her adventures to purchase new equipment. In short, her “superpower” is that she knows a lot about comics books. If that was an actual superpower, my friends and I could have formed the Justice League in middle school as opposed to getting punched in the face repeatedly because we smelled like nerd.

*deep breath*

Whew, that was a mouthful. Look, her Wiki page is like twice the size of most pages I read and most of it annoyed me. Her character is the exact kind of character I dislike. Fortunately for Hasbro, this isn’t a review of the character but of her figure. Would you like to play a game?

No, W.O.P.R, I would not. But I would like to look at Gwenpool.

What’s in Marvel Legend’s Gwenpool box?

The pack-ins here are what puts this figure on another level from the rest of the Legends line. She comes packed with an alternate head, a cell phone for selfies like Batgirl, two swords (I want to call them Samurai swords but I also don’t want a 3 page cease and desists letter from the Samurai defamation league so, I guess they are just swords), 3 sets of hands (more on that later) and finally, the BAF Lizard’s tail. Here’s the box:

Annnnnd here’s close-ups of the pack-ins.

What doesn’t work with Marvel Legend’s Gwenpool?

Like all of the female figures for the line, she needs more (or some. She has none) ab-crunch, and AGAIN, Hasbro… FEMALES NEED DOUBLE JOINTED ELBOWS ALSO!!! However, my biggest issue is with the hands. Do I think we should have gotten those hands? Yes, they seem pretty consistent with the character. However, they are somewhat limiting. The “heart” hands can either make a heart or hold a bottle of water, I guess. The phone holding/peace sign showing set are good for giving peace signs and holding cell phones. I am not saying you couldn’t find other uses, but out of the box, it’s very limiting. The hands with trigger fingers can hold the swords but she has no guns to hold. With my ignorance of the character, maybe she never uses guns. It’s possible.

That entire paragraph could have been avoided with a set of fisted hands. Then everything else becomes icing on the cake. Without the fundamentals, they make you crazy. Oh, during the shoot I noticed her joints seemed really loose.

What works with Marvel Legend’s Gwenpool?

This figure, in spite of the lack of fists, comes packed with twice the accessories of the retro Spider-Man figure, which seems weird to me. Both head sculpts capture perfectly the essence of the character I read about, with the alternate tongue out sculpt just being a fun look for what seems like a fun character.

Maybe I am getting old but I find myself really captivated by non-primary colors right now and the pink here just grabs my attention. The paint apps and sculpting are top notch with solid line work throughout the figure. If this Gwenpool is indicative of future waves, import companies may have a real problem on their hands. Also, her phone fits in a pouch on her belt. I completely overlooked that for the entire first photoshoot.

Marvel Legends Gwenpool
Boom. A functional pouch.

Should I buy Marvel Legend’s Gwenpool?

Yes. If you’re a fan of the line or the character, she is currently the litmus test they need to beat. When you see her, pick her up immediately. If you see two, as Dan Larson on ToyGalaxy would say, leave one for the next collector. Move fast, because Scalpers are grabbing her up and I can see her being the next Spider-Gwen in terms of demand. You can pick her up here:

Let’s wrap it up with more pictures, you damn dirty apes.

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