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Figuarts Infinity War Falcon

It’s probably going to be hard to write a piece on the Figuarts Infinity War Falcon without giving away Endgame Spoilers. We’re well past the two-week mark for “spoilers” but because I’m a nice guy, I figured I’d still warn you. There will be possible Endgame spoilers here. If you’ve seen it, or don’t care if you have something spoiled, read on. If you care, I’d suggest you circle back to this article after you’ve seen it.

We good? Good.

I gotta be honest with you; I can’t pretend I am a lifelong Falcon fan. Up until he became Cap, he always seemed like a good filler character. I think it was Geoff Johns that tried to make him into a mutant because of his psychic connection with Redwing (an ACTUAL bird, not a drone). I don’t think that stuck. Hopefully, it didn’t, because I refuse to acknowledge it.

No, I wasn’t a Falcon fan until I saw Anthony Mackie’s portrayal of the character. There is something about Mackie that just makes you like the guy. Maybe HE’S a mutant and his power is “Mutant Likability.” Whatever the reason, I could watch him as Falcon for the next decade and not get bored with him.

Perhaps it is my affection for the character/actor that led me to this place in my emotional journey, but I was thrilled to finally see he was getting a Bandai figure. Of course, the Figuarts Infinity War Falcon would be popular. It’s awesome. As far as toys go, show me a kid that doesn’t want a dude with machine gun pistols and huge wings? Aesthetically he just looks cool. That’s a winning combo in my book. Kick ass military dude with HALO experience in the form of BIG FREAKIN’ WINGS?!? You kids are all too preoccupied with Fortnite to see how cool that concept is to us normal nerds.

I know they made a Legends figure for Civil War. It was not great. While the base figure wasn’t horrible, how are you going to sell me a Falcon figure whose wings just fall off? I ended up gluing mine in, they got so frustrating. Then you turn around and also don’t include his guns? His superpower in the movies seems to be a keen sense of spatial relations and shooting things. I bought the figure begrudgingly and a couple of years later, I still can’t get the bad taste out of my mouth. Maybe you loved it, but you can’t tell me it’s a fitting tribute to a great character. It would be an inferior figure if it was a lesser character. But to do one of Cap’s two best friends like this? Unacceptable! If you want to read more on the comic character’s background, go here. Otherwise, let’s dive into the Figuarts Infinity War Falcon figure.

What comes with the Figuarts Infinity War Falcon?

We get quite a bit. We get the figure itself. We get three sets of hands. There are Falcon punch hands:

We get relaxed, neutral hands:

Rounding out the hands, he has a set of trigger fingers/pointy fingers, to go along with his two machine pistols.

We get two different backpacks. One creates the illusion that the wings are folded up inside of it, the other one has ball joints to connect the wings, and a hole for the display peg.

Display peg? Yeah, so you can display him in air. Don’t clown me. You know what I mean.

Finally, we get two unique headsculpts:

Here are some shots:

What doesn’t work with the Figuarts Infinity War Falcon?

I like this figure, but I also have a list of gripes. Not only is this figure completely lacking in ankle pivot, the right foot on mine falls off constantly. His arms popped off on me as well, but not nearly as consistently as the foot.

There is a crease in the middle of both headsculpts, not unlike the one you see when they just switch faces instead of heads. It serves no purpose and is off putting.

The handles that pop into the wings were a bit of a pain to get in. I kept feeling as if I was going to snap the plastic in half. Fortunately, I didn’t. But that also would not have been the first time that’s happened to me.

The lack of a bicep swivel on high end figures is maddening. Also, random gripe, but his guns don’t fit very snug in his hand, they tend to fall out. Additionally, I like having fingers I can point with or set on the side of the gun, but why has Figuarts stopped giving us actual trigger fingers? His guns aren’t an after thought, they’re his main weapons. Shouldn’t he be able to look like he’s using them?

Finally, mine is plagued with unfortunate paint apps (specifically around the thumbs) and odd pieces of flash, or excess plastic, where it shouldn’t be. Like on his ears. I can’t say this is the case for every Figuarts Infinity War Falcon, but it is certainly the case on mine.

Unfortunately, because buying an import is so different than buying a domestic figure, I couldn’t really compare figures to find the one with the best paint apps. I get what I get, and I don’t throw a fit.

What works with the Figuarts Infinity War Falcon?

The likeness of actor Anthony Mackie is pretty uncanny in my opinion. The wing mechanism is the best I’ve seen for these kinds of attachments. It comes with the usual high quality we expect from Bandai, minus the few things I mentioned. Compared to his Marvel Legends equivalent, the Hasbro looks like Mackie’s older, less talented brother that whined until their mom made Anthony give his brother a set of wings also.

Should you purchase the Figuarts Infinity War Falcon?

I know this is a steep investment. Yet, as a collector, it’s a figure that I and a lot of fellow MCU fans have wanted to get our hands on since The Winter Soldier debuted in theaters. The nice thing is, when we see Falcon again in Endgame, only a few minutes had passed for him, so he’s still wearing the same uniform. That means that UNLIKE Cap, Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, etc, we don’t need a new figure for them. He isn’t obsolete before you open the box.

If you collect the line, enjoy the character, perhaps you’re interested in making a diorama based on the film The Night Before, or maybe you’re just a Anthony Mackie fan, you can’t go wrong with the Falcon. If possible, I say get him and maybe not buy your kid food for a couple weeks. Toys are forever. If you’re interested, you can pick him up here:

As always, I bid you adieu with more pictures.

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